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Sewn On: March 14 (the day Oreo cookies were trademarked)

Sewn From: A Oreo


Reo loves the colors black and white. She also loves eating chocolate. Sometimes instead of her hair being Black and white, it can be brown and white. When she gets an Oreo, she eats the top cookie and licks the cream!

What Reo looks like

Reo looks like an Oreo! Reo has fair skin with pink cheeks. Her eyes are black and white. She has black hair with white streaks. Her dress with black with a white belt. Her leggings are like Peanut Big Top's and her shoes are brown

Reo's pet


Cookiez' handwriting... Wow.

Reo has a pet mouse but on her birthday the other Biscuit Loopsies gave her a pet. Yes, you already know what it is. A rock. Yay.

Reo's Home

Her home is made of Oreo cookies!

Reo's Other Merchandise

  • Reo Full Sized Doll
  • Reo Mini
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

Guess What!

  • She's the second loopsy to be named after a brand

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