Like some real dolls, Loopsies retire when those make-believe people in Hatelandia hate the designs (but replaced with a newer design), the dolls reach their end, End of the holiday season, or the doll is sold out. The dolls are taken to the LCD Archives in the Lalaloopsy Museum of Honor. The only ways to get these dolls now are online stores or in stores that have them while supplies last. They will no longer make a doll when it reaches its retirement.... Well Jamie V.1 is an exception since there's one day when she gets to be put back in stores. Some dolls are retired for a long time but sometimes they get replaced. Also, we aren't sure that the Holiday Editions retire.

Retired Dolls

  • Olive Blue Cat (First Design, Reason: New Design)
  • Jackie Green Cat (First Design, Reason: New Design)
  • Claire Anette (First Design, Reason: New Design)
  • Lucille Dance-a-lot (First Design Reason: New Design, Second Design Reason: Out of Stock)
  • Patricia Topsy Turvy (Reason: Out of Stock)
  • Jamie Jammy Dodgers (First Design, Reason: New Design)
  • KeithArnaultsFanon and CiaraRocksFanon (Reason: KAF account disabled by Wikia Staff.)