Hoho. FInally. REMADE LEN'S HAIR! (And their outfits)

After a REALLY long time I, Cookiez am finally online :D Now introducing the two vocaloids that everyone loves... It's le Kagami(ne) twins!!! They are the the third VocaButtons to be released!


These two loopsies were sewn like a four leaf clover split into two. That makes 'em twins! They were made on Febuary 2 (Just like Tippy!) from two soundwaves that split into two.

Rin and Len's Personality

Rin and Len might look alike but they are actually very diffirent from each other. Rin likes to play pranks, video games and tease Len while Len likes to read books, read books and read books. They are very diffirent in personalities but they still love each other ( don't misunderstand this ) and get along well.

What Rin and Len Looks Like

Rin and Len are both very the same in appearances. They both have shoulder legnth blonde hair when they have no accesories and blue eyes with pale cheeks. They are both fair skinned and has the number 02 in their arms. Rin wears a sailor fuku style white top and short black shorts with black leg warmers and white shoes. She wears a white ribbon and clips on her hair and a yellow sailor neckercheif. Len wears a white sailor shirt with knee length shorts, black leggings and white shoes. He puts his hair up in a ponytail and wears a yellow tie instead of a sailor neckercheif. They both wear the usual triangle patterned belts, colored yellow.

Rin and Len's Pet

They don't have a pet! People say they're too young to have pets, But since Rin really wants one, She treats Len as her personal servant ( talk about daughter of evil ) and makes him do all her homework.

Rin and Len's Home

Rin and Len's room in the VocaMansion has a light yellow and blue horizontal pattern. They have gigantic double bunk beds that are color blue and bookshelfs containing videogames and books. They have a huge flat screen TV that Rin usually uses to play video games.

Rin and Len's Other Merchandise

  • Rin and Len full sized singing doll twin pack
  • Rin and Len full sized twin pack
  • Rin full sized singing doll
  • Rin full sized doll
  • Len full sized singing doll
  • Len full sized doll
  • Rin and Len mini singing doll twin pack
  • Rin and Len mini twin pack
  • Rin mini singing doll
  • Rin mini doll
  • Len mini singing doll
  • Len mini doll

Guess What?

  • They exchanged their legwarmers....Why? 'cause it's awesome...

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