Sewn On: May 29th (National Roleplay Day)

Sewn From: A roleplayers dress

Personality of Roleplay

Roleplay loves roleplaying! She is very funny and random,she also likes shipping

Likes:roleplaying,fun,shipping,comedy,adventures,breaking the 4th wall on the LCD episodes

Dislikes:Bullies,Snobbish brats,getting critisized by certain people

What Roleplay looks like

Roleplay has purple-pink hair in braids.She has a teal dress with a white vest.She has magenta high tops.

Roleplays pet

Roleplay is very scared of dogs so she didnt buy one she has a cat

Roleplays Home


Wall:blue with posters of her and her friends

Roleplays Other Merchandise

  • Roleplay Full Size
  • Roleplay Mini
  • Roleplay Loopy Hair
  • Roleplay soft doll
  • Roleplay micro
  • Roleplay lunchbox


Blossom Smart n Nerdy

Bubbles Cute n Bubbly

Buttercup Tomboy n Brave

Gloomy Pink Bow

Benjamin Coup De

Flare Fire Princess

Death Stitched N Sewn

Twilight Mellowtone

Samantha Kawaii N Epic

Rarity Glitz 'N' Glamour

Teto Kansane

Oreo Creamyfrosting

Gabi Hates Bullies

Guess What!

  • She is a master at karate so if you pick on her watch out!
  • She is everyone's friend,but she is best friends with ScrapsStitchedNSewn9's and AskSuzette101's OCs
  • May 29th is National Roleplay Day.