Meet the most meatiest doll of all of LCDI, Sabrina! As she has spaghetti hair and a really meaty hair, she still smells good because of her herb. This is also probably my second doll today.


She was sewn on October 17 (Pasta Day) and was sewn from Italian Headwear with a stain of spaghetti sauce.


She is a doll from Italy who enjoys making Spaghetti. She is also probably the most meatiest doll in all of LCDI. She also is best friends with Crust.


She has unmixed spaghetti for hair, and a really meaty dress with a herb. her shoes are recolor's of Jewel Sparkles.


She doesn't have a pet because it is a really hard decision.


She has a plate for a home, with a fork for a chimney.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Doll

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