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Since Miitsukii is no longer active, I decided to be the one to make Sachi's Page. She made this doll before Yuki Kinomo's Revealing.


Sewn on : March 1 (Japan Independence Day)

Sewn from: The Japanese Flag


Sachi is a girl who is currently trying to have a zen garden. She also has a big craving for Sushi and Sashimi! (As long it isn't vegan.)


She wears a pink kimono and wears sandals.


Her pet is a fish.


She lives in Japan, and is usually a traveling folk around LCDI.


  • Little Miss Princess - September 2013

Other Merchandise

  • Sachi Full Size Suzy
  • Mini Sachi
  • Country Pack with Maria, Talyor, and Suzy
  • Sister Pack with Sushi Japan


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