Meet Sack Girl, she is the Lalaloopsy version of Sackboy from PS3! Another customized Lalaloopsy doll by Oriana2003love.


Sewn on: October 27th (Sackboy's Birthday)

Sewn from: Sackboy's material

Personality of Sack

Sack is a girl who loves creating levels! She also collects score bubbles to buy stuff as well! She hates dangerous platforms because she'll die!

What Sack looks like

Hair Color: Light blue

What she wears: A brown sackboy costume with a big green bow

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Brown

Other things on her dress: A zipper on the body and stiches on the head

Sack's Pet

Sack's pet is a score bubble!

Sack's Home

Sack lives in a big rocket-like cardboard home hanging.

Sack's other merchandise

  • PS3 anniversary Lalaloopsy exclusive

​Guess What!

  • She is clumsy for powerups!
  • Her favorites are add-ons to her costumes


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