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 Whoopee. Last one in the bag :) School starts tommorow though ; ^ ;  I was bored when I made this :"(


Sakura was sewn on March 20 which is the start of the National Sakura Festival in 2014 with paper blossoms..

Personality of Sakura

Sakura is very shy and pure. She blushes at every nice thing that loopsies do for her. She loves writing and sending thank you letters for everyone.

What Sakura Looks Like

Sakura is fair skinned with pale red eyes. She has pink hair with some of it pulled and tied back. She wears a dress that looks like a cherry... bell? She has dark green boots and a pale red bow on her hair.

Sakura's Pet

Sakura pet

Haha. I embraced the c-crazy side of me

Sakura's pet is a cute anime-ish cherry. It has a face. Which is unnatural. They can also talk....

Sakura's Home

Sakura has a bell shaped house, colored pastel red. Her lawn is full of cherry blossom petals. Whoopee.

Sakura's Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Hair doll
  • Silly Hair Doll

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