Sally Wonder is Issa Perez's sixth Large-sized Lalaloopsy and seventh overall!
Sally Wonder


Sewn on: August 26

Sewn from: The perfect yellow cloth


She wants everything perfect like her perfect-colored dress. Aside from her bossiness, She has a secret hero side in her.

What Sally Looks Llike 

Hair: Blue Eyes: Blue

What she wears: Blue and yellow dress, and lavender shoes


Her pet is a pink cat!


Her house is perfectly colored and spotless....

Other Merchandise

  • Full size
  • mini doll Series #1
  • Ball gown collection mini Series #11
  • Sally's Kids' Halloween Costume
  • Buttontails Cat
  • Silly Hair Sally

Guess What?

  • She shares her name with Sally Bright Petunia.

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