Sara Smarts

Sara Smarts is a Lalaloopsy made by BubbleSmackNPop500!


Sara Smarts was sewn from a nerd's clothes on Febuary 7th, which is known as National Library Day.

Sara's Personality

Sara has a very nerdy personality! She loves reading and writing, but hates sports! After school, she goes straight to the library to do homework, which she loves, and then reads for an hour. While kids usually make fun of her for being such a nerd, she ignores them and keeps on doing the things she loves.

What Sara Look's Like

Sara has fair skin with light pink cheeks, has always has a knowing smile on. She wears broken glasses connected with a bandage, and her hair is seen in low pigtails. She wears a red bow on the right side of her hair.

Her clothes live her a nerdy appearance, with a clean, white polo shirt and a blue trouser-skirt. On the collar of her shirt, she wears a black and white tie to give her a "scientist" look. There are black buttons to connect her suspenders to her skirt.

Her shoes are buckled Mary-Janes, with a silver buckle and a white button.

Sara's Pet

Sara has a pet golden retriever who wears plastic, black glasses in the same style as Sara. He also wears a black and white bow.

Sara's Home

Sara lives in a small, humble home with tons of bookshelves mounted everywhere. Her room has bookshelves on the right, her bed on the left, and a study desk for homework.

Sara's Other Merchandise

  • Sara Full Size
  • Sara Mini
  • "Sara Goes to School" Mini

Guess What!

  • Sara can speak multiple languages, such as Spanish, French and German.
  • She's best friends with Bea Spells-a-Lot and McKenzie Popular.
  • She does not like sports such as soccer and basketball.
  • Febuary 7th is National Library Day.

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