Sarah Springrun

Sarah Springrun

arah Springrun is a special Lalaloopsy doll! She's a Spring themed doll that can walk! She's a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia. 


Sewn On: Mar. 20 (First day of Spring)

Sewn From: A Spring Dress

Personality of Sarah

Sarah loves giving! She gives things and food to the poor. Sometimes she acts like a spoiled British Princess teenager when she's mad.

What Sarah looks like

Hair Color: Light Blue

What she wears: A yellow dress with Blue polka dots.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Blue polka dots.

Other things on her Dress: Blue ribbon on her waist.

Sarah's Pet

Her pet is a cute cloud!

Sarah's Home

Roof: Blue

Wall Color: Yellow

Best Quotes

-- Backstage at the TSR Concert --

Ashley: What are you doing? You're supposed to be on stage!


Sarah's Other Merchandise

  • Sarah Full Sized Doll
  • Sarah Mini

Guess What!

  • She is a part of the Lalaloopsy Seasons. She represents Spring!
  • She was sewn on the First day of Spring!
  • She was the first one to see Sherry D. Invisible

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