She is  based off of AskSuzette101 in real life.


Fanmade pic by Cookieeez~ (Dat highlight tho....)


Sewn On: November 1st her birthday

Age: 4,775,037,565,3456 in paranormal years

Sibling:Steven Mischivious N Epic

Savanna's Personality

She is a huge nerd at school  who  loves to draw and read she even writes song lyrics when she finishes all her schoolwork. In reality she is a very shy and naive girl and gets offended a lot online.She is also a huge internet geek and knows how to repair broken gadgets.... well not exactly she knows what too do if the computer acts crazy and stuff like that.Her sweetness she tries to hide online always 'cause she doesn't want people to think she's weak and childish.Which she is kinda childish but still.

Her interests are:Anime,Cosplay,Drawing,Singing,Typing,Rage Comics,Writing song lyrics,Roleplaying,Acting,Rock Music.However back to the main subject here  she always hides her real emotions because she is scared people will hate how naive ad sweet she really is.Sew online she acts tough.She is one of the most popular girls at Lalaloopsy Middle School. (? What's LMS?)

What Savanna Looks Like

Hair color:Savannah has light brunette hair with some blonde high lights.

Eye color:She has sapphire blue,grey eyes with emerald green-golden streaks with more intense detail if you look closely into them when she smiles it represents pure innocence.

Savanna's Pet

A tabby cat with green eyes named Halloween with a light brown collar but she escaped when Savanna moved. Actually she has an orange and white kitty now witth a lot of cats.

Savanna's Home

Savanna lives on a house.

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll

Guess What?

  • She had a lot of pets.
  • She's really proud of her eyes.
  • She feels that every time she sleeps in her dream world she is communicating with other beings.
  • She is bipolar

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