Scissors is Issa Perez's second Lalaloopsy Little. She is the little sibling of Hairspray Cut 'n' Style.


Sewn Date: April 11

Sewn from: Pieces of a Hairspray Bottle


She has a pretty hairstyle that all the Littles are jealous of!

What she wears

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Black

Clothes: Pink dress and shoes


Her pet is the remains of the hairspray bottle took together to a dog.


She lives with her older sister.

Other Merchandise

  • Littles doll
  • Loopy Hair Littles doll with Loopy Hair Hairspray Full Size

Guess What?

  • She cries rainbows! It is becuase she drank one of Helen's poitions mistaking it for pink lemonade.
  • She enjoys watching Greeny Phatom!
  • She hates Gree Guy and Gree City!