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SeeYu is the only Korean VocaButton! She was the 7th VocaButton to be released.


SeeYu sprang to life on October 21st and was made from cute cat videos.

SeeYu's Personality

SeeYu is fun and wild! She loves making cute and funny songs! She likes to hang out with her friends and speaking different languages like Korean, Japenese, and English!

What SeeYu Looks Like

SeeYu has as fair skin with sky blue eyes. She has long, wavy, blonde hair with cat ears in top. She wears a sleeveless, orange and gray dress with 4 buttons on it. One of the buttons looks like a power button. On the collar of the dress, she has a power button with a bow hanging from it. She wears thigh length socks with 2 buttons at the sides. Her shoes are orange ballet flats. She also wears 2 round, shiny bracelets on each arm. SeeYu has a SU on ther left arm. 

SeeYu's Pet

SeeYu has a pet cat.... well a tiger... who likes helping her backstage when she's on concerts. He has brown eyes with black and orange stripes on his fur. 

SeeYu's Home

SeeYu lives in the VocaMansion with other VocaButtons! Her room has a modern, Korean style house with orange walls and floor with a black rug. She has a huge bed with black and white stripes and orange pillows and a tiger stuffed animal.

SeeYu's Other Merchandise

  • SeeYu Full Size Singing Doll
  • SeeYu Full Size Doll
  • SeeYu Mini

Guess What!

  • She can speak 3 different languages. 

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