Silver Dusty Trails

Shiny is the youngest of the Dusty Trails Family.


Sewn on September 17 (Apple Dumpling Day)

Sewn from a Real Cowgirls Hat


Shiny Dusty Trails is sweet and loves doing splits. While playing with all the other Lalaloopsies, and Prairie, Trouble, and Sheriff, She tries to do a backflip, but she always tumbles on her head

What Shiny Looks Like

She has brown hair (Almost like Old Sherri and Beauty's hair) Black Button eyes, Sweet Red Cheeks, and Fair Skin. Her dress is Gray at the top, and Brown in the middle. Her white laces are at the bottom. Silver does not have socks because she is an articulation doll. Her boots are dark yellow.

Shiny's Pet

Her pet is a Fizzy Pop Shake, but Shiny did not adopt him until July 18th of 2016

Shiny's Home

Shiny <probably> lives with her family.


  • Silver Dusty Trails is the first ever Articlulated Littles doll. The collection will also have Summer Kimono, Hunter Evergreen, Colorful Shapes, and Catrina in Lalaloopsy Land.
  • Silver does not have a hat.
  • She will enter Miss Lalaloopsy Universe 2014 (If there is one)
  • She will be Anna for halloween this year
  • Silver never tried Pumpkin Pie. She said it will be pretty tasty
  • Sheriff always gets mad at Silver and Trouble for making pillow houses with his blanket.

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