• So since the cyan colour was already taken by Mangekyou A, I'm stuck with this Head-LINE-esque color scheme.
  • Normal version.
"The deep blue sun's light shone and sparkled"

Hullo. It's Cookiez again. Finishing up the kaleidoscope series. I'm sorry for the Head-LINE color scheme. Alice.

Speaking of Head-LINE, I should probably make more. But Alice.



Shirayuki was sewn on December 14 with normal rags (although slightly cleaner, normal rags.)

She's turned semi-glass somehow as well once she awoke in the dream.

Personality of Shirayuki

Shirayuki is a gentle, kind person almost the opposite of the rough Kyouka. She was part of both the flower arrangement club and the art club back in LCDI. She was the only one who didn't panic nor think too badly of it when she woke up in the other world. Kyouka and mangekyou quickly found her afterwards and now she's part of mangekyou's harem jk shiraito pls make it canon alice and she instantly became close friends with them. (She's like the glue to the everyone's friendship)

What Shirayuki Looks Like

Shirayuki has long brown hair and eyes, the former tied up into twintails. She sports choppy straight bangs with a few strands longer than the rest and obviously uncut. She wears a light grey uniform with a baby collar, puffed sleeves and the usual yellow neckerchief for the girls. Her skirt is light grey as well and knee length as usual. She wears the regular knee length socks and black shoes.

For her semi-glass version, her eyes drastically change to a bright turquoise and her hair starts to reflect green and purple highlights with translucent, turquoise, four-leafed flowers on some shards.

Shirayuki's Pet

Her family used to own a pet bird back in LCDI. Also fun fact, she's in love with the rainbow fish in the other world but sadly they're averse to everyone but mangekyou.

Shirayuki's Home

She used to live with her family in LCDI. Now she shares a house with Kyouka over at an abandoned village in the other world they call Teru (courtesy of Shira).

Shirayuki's Other Merchandise

  • Normal Version Full Sized Doll
  • Semi-Glass Version Full Sized Doll
  • kaleidoscope Bundle

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