Fufu~n. Finally figured the trick to make the eyes! (Polka Dots.... WITH LINES!)

Stuff. I finally made the doll! Yeaaa~ I just needed to fix the hair, highlights and background during Sunday but I was too lazy and procastinated until Thursday.... orz


She was, again, sewn on an unkown date during 1837 with locks of silver hair (Cookiez.... You so creative)....

Personality of Silver

Silver is mostly expressionless and stoic but that doesn't nesscesarily mean she doesn't have feelings. Weeell, She probably doesn't have any but... anyways, Silver was chased out of her village because she had silver hair instead of everyone's golden hair. She wasn't really hated by the villagers and she wasn't really chased out... More like told to move to another place by random <racist?> children... But since she's scarily obedient and compliant, she did. While travelling, she found an abandoned well-kept house and decided to live there with three random bears she seems to have made friends with.... Wai. Shealsoreallylikesporridge

What Silver Looks Like

Silver has long silver hair with a tint of teal and dark violet eyes. She wears a dark violet vest over her white long sleeved polo with turquoise stripes and a dark purple bow. She also wears a dark violet skirt with frills, dark violet dress shoes and white socks with tiny turquoise bows on them.

Silver's Pet

Silver doesn't have a pet..... Do three friendly bears count?

Silver's Home

Silver lives in a two story cottage with a dark violet roof and white walls with thin, vertical turquoise stripes. The inside is normal with four of everything. Four chairs, four porridge bowls, four beds etc. ... Because. It's life. You only need to have one spoon, fork and plate for everyone. Washing dishes is a bear's hobby.

Other Merchandise

  • Silver Full Sized
  • Silver Mini
  • Silver Loopy Yarn Doll (did I get that right?)
  • ButtonTales! Bundle