Smilene Heart Smiles

Smilene Heart Smiles

Smilene Heart Smiles is a smile-themed Lalaloopsy doll! She was made by Aliahvenicegarcia.


Smilene was sewn on October 7, World Smile Day (According to Total Girl magazine). She was sewn from a pink smiley dress!

Smilene's Personality

Smilene lives simply, and calm. She always smiles, and make people & dolls smile. She never (well, maybe sometimes) gets sad! 

Smilene's Appearance

Smilene wears a dark pink polo, a pink skirt, and a purple belt. She also wears fuschia pink Mary-Janes with a pink ribbon.

She has pale skin, long curly red hair, and green eyes.

She also wears a bracelet.

Smilene's Pet

Her pet is a smiley!

Smilene's Home

She lives in a simple house that has smilies.

Smilene's Merchandise

  • Smilene Heart Smiles Full-Sized Doll

Guess What!

  • She shares the same birthday as Alie the Theresian and Aliahvenicegarcia!

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