Meet Sour Lime, another customized lalaloopsy doll by Oriana2003love.


Sewn on: January 3rd (Lime Day)

Sewn from: A lime

Personality of Sour

Sour loves everything lime! Her favorite color is only lime green and she loves making Lime juice for her friends to love!

What Sour looks like

Hair: Lime Green

Hairband color: Lime Green

What she wears: A cute lime green lime-scented dress with a green skirt with white polkadots!

Sour's sewn on patch

Her sewn on patch

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Lime green

Other things on her dress: N/A

Sour's Pet

Sour's pet is a Lime!

Sour's Home 

Roof: Green with lime peels

Wall Color: Lime green

Sour's other merchandise

  • Full sized Sour Lime

Guess What!


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