Spooks N Frights JPG

Spooks N Frights



Name: Spooks N Frights

Sewn On: February (Spooky Boo Day)

Sewn From: Ghostly matter

Personality of Spooks

Spooks loves Mishief spooky pranks her favorite activity is scaring her friends and giving people frights. She can often be found hovering in the hallways making spooky noises.

What Spooks Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: Ghost hood on. Black hair in long spooky pigtails

Torso: Long blue cape and white tattered dress

Bottom: tattered skirt

Shoes: Black sneakers

Spooks Pet

Scaredy Cat is a spooky ghostly kitty who loves to sneak up on people and give them the hebi gebis.

Spooks Home 

Roof: ghostly matter

Walls: ectoplasm

Other Merchandise

Large Doll Comes with Pet and Poster.

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