spooky broomsticks

Spooky Broomsticks is the Lalaloopsy Little Sister of Candy Broomsticks! 

Drew by Missflyingtoaster using Adobe Illustrator.

Spooky's Information

Sewn On: October 31st - Halloween

Sewn From: A Real Witch's Hat

Spooky's Personality

Spooky loves telling scary stories and candy. She likes to try and trick her sister, Candy.

Spooky's Appearance

Spooky wears a witch outfit along with a BIG WITCH HAT. Her boots have buckles

Spooky's Pet

Her pet is a transparent ghost!

Spooky's Home

She lives with her sister, Candy Broomsticks


  • Exclusive Halloween Collectors Edition  - Spooky Broomsticks

Guess What!

  • She loves trick or treating everyday!

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