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  • Squeak and Oink
Squeak Squeak Curly Tail is Oink Oink Twisty Tail's little brother


Squeak was sewn on October 4, which is Animal Day, with a piglet costume.

Personality of Squeak

Much like his sister, Squeak Squeak loves playing with animals. He also likes playing dress up with his big sister and doesn't mind wearing dresses. He loves to play pranks and jump in muddy puddles. He's very rough and tumble and can never play without getting hurt. Squeak enjoys helping his sister on the farm and has gave himself the title 'Cheif Animal Feeder' , though he's scared of goats because he got bit by one. 

What Squeak Looks Like

Squeak is an asian boy with pink curly hair and a contagious smile. He wears a cream and pink top with a pig on it and denim shorts. His legs are covered with scrapes and plasters and he likes to go around barefoot. 

Squeak's Pet 

His pet is a large pig that enjoys rolling about in mud and giving Squeak piggy backs. 

Squeak's Home 

He lives with his sister, Oink.