Star fire

Shes from tamaran!!

Meet Star Blazeshe is the Lalaloopsy version of Starfire! Another customized lalaloopsy doll by Oriana2003love


Sewn on: February 1st (Hynden Walchs Birthday)

Sewn from: Tamaranean clothes

Personality of Star

Star is a happy alien full of joy! She loves mustard and she loves her little bumgorf!

What Star looks like

Hair Color: Hot Pink

Hairband color: N/A

What she wears: Same clothes what Starfire wears

Sewn-on pattern on her dress: Purple

Other things on her dress: N/A

Star's Pet

Her pet is a little bumgorf named Silkie!

Star's Home

Star lives in a big T-shaped tower with the teen titans

Star's other merchandise

  • Star teen titans exclusive Lalaloopsy doll
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Star Blaze

Guess What!

  • She has super powers such as flight, starbolts and eye beams!
  • She is from the planet, Tamaran!


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