Suzy Korea 2

Suzy Korea

Suzy Korea is a fanmade character by Suji500. She is based on her. She is part of the Lalaloopsy Country Series. Her little sister is Kimchi Korea !


Sewn On: Aug. 13 (Korea Independence Day)

Sewn From: The Korean National Flag

Personality of Suzy

Suzy is a Korean who loves spicy foods! She loves watching Korean animes and is part of the Girl Scouts of Korea!

What Suzy Looks Like

Hair Color: Black

What she wears: She wears a white and red hanbok with black lace around her collar.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: White and Red

Suzy's Pet

Her pet is a cute tiger!

Suzy's Home

Roof: A brown, flat roof with bamboo on top.

Wall Color: White


Suzy has entered several of Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls Wikis competitions. These are:

  • Little Miss Princess - September 2013

Suzy's other merchandise

  • Suzy Full Size
  • Suzy Mini
  • Suzy Country Pack with Maria, Talyor, and Sachi
  • Suzy Sister Pack with Kimchi.


  • Maria Philippines (best friend)
  • Talyor United States of America
  • Sachi Japan

Guess What!

  • She went to Japan for vacation and became friends with Sachi there! This is also how she met Taylor and Maria.
  • She does gymnastics!
  • She is in the wall of the wiki!


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