Sweetie Belle
She is Rarity's Little sister


Sewn On: Unknown

Sewn From: A CMC Cape

Personality of Sweetie Belle

She is very sweet and kind.She is friends with the Button Mark Crusaders.She wants to be a designer like her sister,but her sister hates her. She also loves to sing

What Sweetie Belle looks like

She has pink and purple hair with a green bow.She has a pink vest that is divided by a purple belt.She has a white shirt with pink stripes.She has a yellow skirt with pink shoes

Sweetie Belle's pet

She stole Trinket's pet TROLOL

Sweetie Belle's other Merchandise

  • Sweetie Belle full size
  • Sweetie Belle sister pack with Rarity Glitz 'N' Glamour.exclusive to TRU
  • Sweetie Belle mini sister pack
  • Sweetie Belle BMC cape with Scoot A Loo and Apple Bloom Jack

Guess What!

  • She stole 3 of Trinket's things,1 her pet 2,her shoes 3, her bracelet
  • She has two accesories,her bracelet and her microphone