• Syrup Chibi!

Introducing Syrup, the kawaii girl with the skill to make Party Rings in a second! Like literally in a second....


She was sewn on May 14 (national buttermilk biscuits day) and is made from the original Fox's Party Rings.

Syrup's Personality

She's one of the gentlest loopsies that has ever been sewn! She's sweet, pretty and really smart! (like F'sPR and milk, her brain absorbs the information!). She loves watching the Wackycus twins make fun of themselves, while making tea with Jamie.

What Syrup Looks Like

Syrup is fair skinned with lavander eyes and pale pink cheeks. She has blonde hair in twintails with a light red bow headband. Her blouse is tangerine with pink tulle sleeves and a lavander and light red jumper. She has yellow stockings with lavander flats.

Syrup's Pet

Pet rock

Rocks are not alive people... don't expect me to draw a smiley face on it...

Syrup has a pet rock ._. No- wait I'm serious she has a pet rock.... That..... SITS!!! But seriously though Syrup uses her pet rock as a..... guard? And a paperweight. .....That's all...... Watcha expecting? It shouldn't have a face. Read the captions

Syrup's Home

Syrup's home is pastel colored with party rings glued to the walls. Her pet rock is often found near the mail box...keeping...guard.... Anyways Syrup's stepping stones are party rings and she uses GIANT party rings as RUGS. (people nowadays *shakes head*)

Syrup's Other Merchandises

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Silly Hair Doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

Guess What!

  • She's the first custom to be sewn after a brand
  • I made her 'cause of a (random) disscussion with LMe
  • She uses a giant party ring as a rug
  • She's the first custom to have a non-living pet (or at least one without a face)
  • In le background there's a choco Party Ring

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