Have I ever told you how I hate eyes? IT LOOKS LIKE A RACCOON TT^TT

Yanderes. You have to like them. Oh- And second utauloid :)


Tei was made on June 21 with scary pop-ups on the internet... I still can't finish the scary maze game :(

Tei's Personality

Tei likes Len. She REALLY likes Len. If anyone touches him, she WILL harm her. Ironically, she actually hates murder... Though sometimes she goes out of control and kills a person who touched "HER LEN". Despite all that, she enjoys doing normal things like baking cakes, mast- I mean playing with cucumbers... You know... normal stuff...

What Tei Looks Like

Tei has long silver hair with red eyes. She wears a gray sailor fuku lined with red and wears long detached sleeves... probably to hide her weapons... She wears a red skirt with the usual triangle patterned belt, colored red.  She wears gray boots and occasionally, gray headphones.

Tei's Pet 

She wasn't allowed to keep any after the "Fox Incident". Her pet fox, which is currently deceased, "accidentally" scratched out Miku's eyes... Miku now has a fear of foxes... Foxophobia? Her "pets" were taken away too... The female vocaloids had to strip her to get all her "pets" The most memorable one was a needle collection on her bra... TMI?

Tei's Home

Tei currently resides at the basement of the VocaMansion. She's currently being watched by twenty CCTV cameras. Her room... is made out of reinforced steel. I- I can't say what her room looks like... You sure you want to know? Yes? Well... Her wall... is covered with posters of Len... that she took... with her camera... Most of them are lewd pictures... of him in the bathroom... She has hug pillows, statues, figurines, nenoroids of Len... Her bathroom... It's too censored TT^TT (and full of cucumbers)

Tei's Other Merchandise

  • Tei Singing Full Sized Doll
  • Tei Full Sized Doll
  • Tei Mini Doll
  • Tei Silly Hair Doll
  • Tei Loopy Hair Doll

Guess What?

  • She's the first Yandereloid / YandereButton... YandereButton sounds weird...
  • She's "slightly" obsessed with Len... "slightly"
  • She's detained in the basement of the VocaMansion.
  • She's jealous of Miku... so much she wants to "pinch her a bit"...

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