Terra Tart
I might be coming back. So, anyways, this is Terra Tarts.

Pepsicola45 (talk) 03:09, June 7, 2014 (UTC)


She was sewn on August 11 (National Raspberry Tart Day) and was made from tart crust. (Which is pretty old and explains the color that is pretty dark.)


Terra is a girl who you can depend to make tarts. While not as fast as Lickety, she can still help you as she is extra good and careful while doing chores.


She wears a dress with a strawberry badge. Her skirt in her dress looks like a crust of a tart. She also has white flats.


She has an edible dog.


She lives at a home that is made with the leftover tart crust used to make her.


  • Full Size
  • Mini

Guess what!

  • August 11th is National Raspberry Tart Day.

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