Welcome to The Best Lalaloopsy Fan Art - September 2013! Feel free to enter your fan art/s! You can use any photo editor or paint program.

Thanks to the LCAFA Wiki for this wonderful contest!

Voting has ended. The winner is Mint Eucalyptus cosplays Hatsu Miku by Eriel! (Patchthepirate19)

Rules (Read before voting/entering)

  • This contest is only for Lalaloopsy Customized Dolls or Lalaloopsy Dolls ONLY. Please do not enter fan art that have NO RELATION to Lalaloopsy/LCD Wiki Dolls.
  • You can copy the fan art of others, but make sure it's not ENTIRELY copied.
  • Please do not cheat. You can use your other/alternative accounts to have more votes.
  • You can tell other people outside of Wikia to make an account to vote for your entry.
  • You can search photos from Google to know what you're gonna draw
  • If you're gonna make a website entry, make sure you drew it or saved the look of the website and edited it on photo editors.
  • Please vote 2

Good Luck! Here are the entries:

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