Chapter 1: 9 PM's Mystery

It was 9:39pm, Razzy was about to sleep. Before she got to bed, she heard an evil laugh and explotions of potions. Razzy didn't mind. Instead, she just went directly to bed and slept. While she was sleeping, Lemons was planning how to get long hair. She found out how, but she thought it was a bad idea. Lemons immediately called Lucy Redheart, and told the plan. Lemons didn't want to do it, but she had no other choice. Lucy said it was a nice idea. Lemons' idea was to CUT Razzy's hair and superglue it on the back of her head.

Lemon called Lucy Redheart and Tei Sukunei to ask for help. "WHAT?! YOU'RE GONNA WHAT?!" said Lucy, "Yes. I know!" said Lemons. "But I thought that-" said Tei. Then suddenly, the call gets cut.

Lemons called Minty and said "BEWARE!". That warning was all about Razzy's hair. Lemons warned Minty to protect Razzy. The next day, While Razzy was sleeping, (in the morning), Lemons secretly opened Razzy's door and cut Razzy's hair. Lemons saw that the hair turned brown on Razzy's head, But the part of the hair that she cut was still blonde. Lemons superglued it on her head and RAN AWAY. Then, Razzy woke up. Razzy felt that her head was light. She immediately went to the mirror and saw her short-haired self. Then, Razzy called Minty and Minty rushed to Razzy's house. "Razzy, Razzy! What happened?" said Minty in a worried voice. "My hair got cut" said Razzy in reply. "Then I'm on the case!" said Minty. Then suddenly, Minty changed to her "other" clothes.

To Be Continued...