If you are reading this, you're officially an LCDWiki member!

Thanks for visiting the LCDWiki and the LCDWiki Project! This project is for everyone (and Anonymous Contributors, too!)! Please read the things below before joining a club!

About the Project

This project about taking care of the Wiki. This Wiki has been alive since November 2012 and we're keeping it a nice Wiki! Thank you for all the support! But since this Wiki had a Message War, people kept leaving, until now! It's about time we do something about this!

How can I help?

You can help by stopping bad contributors or requesting to be an admin! You can also help by entering competitions, voting at competitions in time and respecting one another! 

Why are we doing this?

We are doing the LCDWiki Project because we want the Wiki to be nice, clean and popular! We never have any bad intentions, and we never mean to start a fight on purpose. 

I haven't seen any improvements, why?

We have done some improvements. Like the recent competitions! We have made them less-strict and easier to vote! And, we have deleted almost all of the bad pages/threads! 

What's my prize if I join?

Your prize is a cheerful and beautiful Wiki! 


Please join only ONE.


Are you good at page editing? If so, here's your chance to be a page bachelor! Just simply edit bad pages to good pages!


  • 30+ edits on the Wiki
  • A good profile
  • A great personality


  • Cookiez Rocker
  • Pepsicola45
  • MistyEmberandBea


Can you stop message bullying? Then join our club!


  • To stop, close, or remove nasty threads. If you join and are not admin, click the notify an admin when you act!


  • Lalaloopsyme




  • 150+ edits or 1 000+ edits
  • An admin
  • A great profile


  • Aliahvenicegarcia
  • Suji500

Thanks for viewing!

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