Contest winners

The Winners

Welcome to the competition! This pageant will be the last pageant of the quarter 1 of this year. The fight for the crown will be rough, as you're going against professionals. So, do you take the dare?

Sending of entries has now ended. Voting is now closed and the MVCs of the Pageant are Oink, Miesha and Gloria! Winner will be crowned "MVC of the Pageant". Also note that since Disney Create closed in the US and the Phillipines (possibly other countries), please pick a doll base from the doll bases page, copy and paste it onto a paint program, draw your dolls dress and hair, save it,  and upload it in here, but if you want, you can choose not to use the doll base.


  • No WCs are allowed to join, we are not trying to be mean. We are just following Wikia.
  • Only one entry per person
  • No mean words
  • No asking for votes
  • Any new pic of your custom can join
  • No one can change their vote
  • You can only vote for two customized dolls once a day


A shiny crown

A LalaMansion

An expensive closet of designer clothing

1000 LalaCustom Dollars

A pink iButton with a designer case

An expensive purse

A set full of makeup


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