One morning, Princess Sunnyshine of LCDI woke up. Sunnyshine was always a brat, so you shouldn't expect her to be happy. "Ugh! I can't find my iButton!" said Sun in a mad voice. "Okay, what's your problem?!" asked Bella. "YOU TOOK IT!!!! GIMME WATER! TURN THE AIRCON ON! GIVE ME MY SWISS CHOCOLATES, AND BRING ME MY LUCKY BUTTONS!!!" commanded Sun in a brat-like voice. "I didn't take your iButton, I won't give you water, turn the aircon on yourself, your chocolates are in the ref, and why don't you get your lucky buttons yourself?" said Bella.

Next, Land came in. "Ok, peace everyone, peace. LCDI is throwing a Lalaloopsy Shipping party and we're all invited," said Land as she barged in. "I know! We need to find you a partner!" said Bella. Sunnyshine agreed, then took a bath. Bella asked who would date Sun while talking to Land, and they both laughed.

Tori came in, pulled Bella's hand, and went behind a tree, where no one can see/hear them. "Don't you know?" asked Tori. ".....No I...... Don't...." said Bella in reply. "I just heard from the news that Achieve D. Impossile has a crush on Sun!!!" said Tori.


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