Thena Kizuki
Thena Kizuki

Sewn date

October 7 (UR-7 Incident)

Sewn from

Athena Cykes' Bow




Marcia Aeris

Thena Kizuki is the Lalaloopsy version of Athena Cykes.


Thena is a defense attorney working for the Get-Me-Right and Co. Anything Agency. She can sense someone's feelings due to her increased hearing ability and the Mood Matrix program on Widget. But a problem about Widget is that it blurts out some things that Thena thinks about, like insults to others. Aside from that, Thena has a very cheerful personality, but sometimes that makes her seem reckless.


Thena has an orange-red side ponytail as her hairstyle. She also wears a blue ribbon accessory. Her necklace is Widget, which allows her to enable Mood Matrix. She also has a black glove, a yellow bolero, a grey shirt with a blue tie, a short skirt, and some boots.


Thena has a pet robot that she has been close with for several years.


She lives in a house with blue and yellow coloring, with having a gold cresent moon has one of the windows. It also has another white window and a white door.


  • Full Size Doll
  • 3 Mini Gift Set with Nick and Pollo


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