Meet Tricky! Her older sister is Scary O' Ween

Scary O' Ween

Tricky O' Ween!


Sewn On: October 31st (Halloween)

Sewn from: A Halloween Bucket

Personality of Tricky

Tricky loves to Trick or Treat whenever she wanted everyday. Also she loves eating Candy Corns!

What Tricky looks like

Hair Color: Black

What she wears: Orange dress with jack o' lantern picture

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: A Halloween Bucket

Other things on her dress: Black Bloomers and green booties

Tricky's Pet

Tricky's pet is a ghost!

Tricky's Home

She lives with her older sister, Scary O' Ween

Tricky's other merchandise

  • Full Sized Tricky

Guess What?

  • Tricky's name was taken by Tricky Mysterious!
  • She loves candy corns!


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