Turkey Thanks Alot is a thanksgiving doll. Her little brother is Pilgrim Eats a lot       
Brand new oc n


Sewn On: November 28th (Thanksgiving)

Sewn From: A pilgrims outfit

Personality of Turkey

Turkey wants freedom and hates rules. But she is thankful for what she has. Her rival is Feather Tell a Tale. She believes people who make all the rules are bossy snobby bullies. She does things the old fashion way and makes food to satisfy her people.

What Turkey looks like

Turkey has fair skin and green eyes. She has brownish blondish hair in braids. She has a brown dress with a lacy white collar and a black belt with a gold buckle. She has a brown hat. Her shoes are brown.     

Turkey's Pet

Turkey's pet is a turkey

Turkey's Home

Turkey lives in a wooden house.

Guess What!

  • Once, Turkey tried to kill her pet!
  • She loves the movie Free Birds and Frozen (Frozen airs on her birthday!)
  • She declares war in order to sette a dispute
  • Even though she does things the old fashion way, she can still produce eletricity.
  • Every year she watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

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