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Twilight is the ruler of Laquesteria and is also a princess of elements.


She was sewn on the day where Twilight became the ruler with some stuff

Personality of Twilight

She is very kawaii and loves science.Her best friend is Bea Spells Alot. She is very shy and bossy sometimes and sometimes she even gets mad at things which causes problems.But she is still determined.

What Twilight looks like

She has long purple hair with clothes on.

Twilight's Pet

She has a purple dragon with green streaks.

Twilight's Home


Twilight's other merchandise

  • Twilight Full Size

Guess What!

  • Her sibling is Pinkie Pietone
  • She likes Bea,Dot
  • This is the second doll about Twilight Sparkles
  • "Your powers are strong but you have something missing. While you have the crown upon your head you can't feel true power 'cause you are missing the most powerful elements of all: MAGIC,HONESTY,LOYALTY,LAUGHTER,GENEROSITY,KINDNESS THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!" is her favorite saying.