Twighlight Moon

Twilight Moon is a fanmade character by Lalaloopsyme


Sewn On: July 20th (Moon Day)

Sewn From: Moon Rocks/ Comets

Personality of Twighlight

Twilight is a quiet, shy girl who loves the moon. Every night she stays up to see twilight. Her favourite books are the Twilight series! (Because that's her name!)

What Twilight looks like

Hair Color: Blue

What she wears: A sparkly dress with mary janes.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Blue with tiny white dots  

Pattern patch

Other things on her dress: A white body warmer.

Twilight's Pet

Her pet is a light blue persian kitty!

Twilight's Home

Roof: A giant telescope

Wall Color: Sparkly indigo

Twighlights other merchandise

  • Twighlight Full Size
  • Twighlight Mini
  • Twighlight Mini - Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe July 2013 limeted edition
  • Twighlight Mini - Queen Version

Guess What!

  • Her sister is Dusk Sunshine
  • Lalaloopsyme has sent her to MGA so they might make her real.
  • She is not based on Twilight Sparkle

Friends and Relatives

  • Dusk Sunshine is her sister
  • Rachel is Her best friend
  • Mayo Ham 'N' Cheese is also her best friend
  • Land Water 'N' Air is her friend
  • Minty Fresh is her friend.
  • She is a kudu orphan.


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