Twilight Stary Sparkles is based of  Twilight Sparke from MLP.
Twilight Sparkle


Sewn From: Twilight Sparkles Crown

Personality of Twilight

Twilight is... starry. (Good job, Cookiez. That was so detailed)

What Twilight Looks Like

Hair Color: Pink and Purple

Hairband Color: Yellow Star

What she wears: A pink spotty dress with a purple belt and overskirt with puffed sleeves and yellow stars around the trim

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Yellow with pink and purple stars on

Shoes: Purple boots with dark purple straps

Twilights Pet

Her pet hasnt got a picture yet, but its spike the dragon.

Twilights Home

Roof: Yellow Stars

Wall Color: Sparkly purple and pink

Twilights other merchandise

Guess What!

  • She is based of Twilight Sparkle from MLP, Friendship is Magic.


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