• Tada!!! Original Version by Issa!
  • Cookiez' <fanmade> Version! I just wanted to try making her coat (- . -lll)
Fourth doll of the day! Guys, I tried making a biscuit Loopsy, now based on Twinkie Biscuits, so I'm exposed XD. I didn't release her in a long time because I don't want her kicked out of LCDI and the Biscuit Loopsies.


She was sewn back then during April 6, 1930. 84 years later, some of the Biscuit Loopsies found and mended her. She was made from an Old Twinkie Box.


As she loves sugar, she is Hyper-active than the other Loopsies in LCDI. 


She wears a long jacket with white "sugar" and brown loops. Her dress is pretty plain and she also has light yellow mary janes.



My first pet rock I drew

Due to this weird tradition, her pet is a rock which looks like a Twinkie. But it hates taglines so no taglines.


She lives in a house that has a beautiful garden. Her house is a 3-Story Home and her house is made of biscuits.

Other Merchandise

  • Full Sized Doll
  • Mini Doll
  • Loopy Yarn doll
  • Biscuit Loopsies Bundle Pack

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