Una Unicorn JPG

Una Unicorn


Name: Una Unicorn

Sewn On: 13th April (Unicorn United Day)

Sewn From: Unicorn Furr

Personality of Una

Una is a sweet heart who loves colors and bright things she usually tries to Unify everything including her friends she is the one who will solve all friendship matters and can be found in a big group hug.

What Una Looks Like

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Black Buttons

Head: She wears a fluffy white unicorn hooded dress with a yellow horn 2 large black button eyes 2 pink cheeks 2 ears and a fluffy colorful mane. Her hair is purple in low pigtails tied with green hairties.

Torso: She wears a fluffy white unicorn hooded dress with a zip on the front and a big colorful bow around her neck the dress has colorful trim on the bottom.

Bottom: She wers white leggings.

Shoes: Pink Ugg boots with white trim 

Una's Pet

Rainbow cloud is a fluffy white cloud with a curly fringe and a rainbow over top she has black button eyes and like Una she is so sweet you could mistake her for uncolored Candy Floss.

Una's House

Roof: Clouds and a sun and moon on either side

Walls: Rainbows.

Other Merchandise

Large doll with pet and poster

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