• Valentine's original pic :)
  • Valentine for the Ms. Lalaloopsy July 2013!
  • Valentine's dream to be a hero!
Yeaaa.... Time to finish this page! Yosh!!!


Valentine was sewn on Febuary 14 with pink laces.

Valentine's Personality

Valentine is very sweet and timid. She always expresses her love to all Loopsies but she gets flustered when she does. She actually wants to become a hero who saves everyone from rejection and hate.

What Valentine Looks Like

Valentine has rose colored ribbon and a pink dress. Her hair is red and looks like strawberry syrup.

Valentine's Pet

Valentine has a pet racoon colored pink.

Valentine's Home

Valentine lives in a pink heart shaped house with brown outline.

Valentine's Other Merchandise

  • Valentine Limited MIni
  • Valentine Hero Edition Mini

Guess what?

  • Valentine's dream is being a hero.

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