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Waaa! Sorry for the long wait! So.... Instead of Vermil, I put in Vera.... sounded moar ladylike....

Anyways.... Yaaay. New weekly doll after 3 weeks of inactivity. I was busy with late projects, projects near the deadline and late homework. Yes. I procrastinate a lot. Just like how I did with Vermil- Vera.


Vera was sewn sometime during 1697..... *sighs* with a vermilion cap.

Personality of Vera

Vera is a very trusting, caring person. She thinks every person has a good side to them and tries to bring out that side. But then again, No one can maintain that way of thinking. There is no wolf (Lolwut maybe except for Wolfe). She was always treated badly by her aunt ('cause Cookiez likes grandmas and dun wanna kill them in a story ) since her parents died and she always thought her aunt would change and start becoming kinder but after 10 years of that, she got tired. Nobody knew what happened to Vera's aunt and wouldn't even consider Vera doing something bad to her since she was always so kind.... A woodsman living beside Vera's cottage had lost an axe though and a slight idea what happened to the aunt. (OmigoshI'msosorryforruiningthisinnocentlittlegirl)

What Vera Looks Like

Vera has rich dark brown hair that she braids into two bunches and malt brown eyes. She wears a vermilion hood with golden accents over a plain dirty white long sleeved polo and a knee-length brown skirt. She also wears white socks and brown leather shoes.

Vera's Pet

Vera keeps a black cat inside her house but she wasn't allowed to keep one inside the house nor play with animals before since her aunt hates "dirty creatures like her".

Vera's Home

Vera lives in a slightly large cottage near the woods by herself since her aunt is "lost". It has gray stone walls and a wooden roof covered with hay. The inside is a little under-furnished but still very cozy for Vera and her cat.

Other Merchandise

  • Vera Full Sized
  • Vera Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle

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