Ame zaza kiri mahoo mochatte aka shindou ne iine iine kareshi hoshinda sapirito iianai yo

Aww. Her name's Aurian, not Aurite. Gonna change her name but I'll keep calling her Aurite. (Lol first I kept calling her Ochiello, now Aurite. I keep getting her name wrong.)

Awa. Finally done with this tsundere. I decided to keep both last names but I'll just call her Aurite.

Anyways, name explanationnnn— Dunno. Let me check first.

OK! It says "(The Riddle; Princess) Vinella Canum/Aurian <Italian, Gujarati/Welsh for Riddle and portmanteau of silver and gold>"

So basically, Vinella's Italian for riddle, Aurian's a portmanteau of the Welsh for silver and gold and same goes for Canum, a portmanteu of the Gujarati for silver and gold.

Fwoosh! Let's do this!!!


Vinella was sewn sometime on 1812 (like most KHM dolls) with a robe embroidered with gold and silver.

Personality of Vinella

Vinella's what you would call a "cocky brat". She definitely thinks too highly of herself and is the type of person to make brash decisions because of her over confidence. This also explains how she ended up marrying a prince from a distant country because of a bet wherein if she guessed a riddle he gave her, he'd become her slave and personal servant and if not, she'd have to marry him. Well she cheated and lost so...

Also, she's a tsundere.

What Vinella Looks Like

orz how do I... Well... Vinella has grey eyes with a bit of a blue green tint and brown hair which is braided on top of her head like a headband and the rest gathered below into twintails. She wears a silver-gold dress (lol no, secretly, it's black and blue) and a silver coat with a hoodie for some reason because Cookiez.

Vinella's Pet/ Slave/ Personal Servant

Well it was supposed to be the prince but nooo. He just had to have proof of her cheating their bet.

(Ok but she still treats him like a slave though even if they're married because Prince-kun is do-M uwu)

Vinella's Home

Such castle. Such wao. (She's a princess lol. Did I mention that?)

Other Merchandise

  • Full sized doll
  • Mini doll
  • ButtonTales! bundle

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