Volcoloi Ninja



Sewn on: January 16th (Ninjitzu Day)

Sewn from: A Ninja's Mask

Personality of Vocaloi

Vocaloi loves to sneak up to her friends and play Ninjitzu Card game. She also fights with her arch nemisis, Eva Dark Side.

What Vocaloi looks like

Hair Color: Light Pink

What she wears: A Pink Ninja suit and mask with light pink bandana

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Ninja Mask

Other things on her dress: Two light pink gems and a pink sewn on swirls

Vocaloi's Pet

Her pet is a pink bear with a bandana!

Vocaloi's Home

Roof: Ninja Stars and Katana's

Wall Color: Light Pink

Vocaloi's other merchandise

  • Full Sized Vocoloi
  • Mini Lalaloopsy Vocoloi Doll
  • Lalaloopsy Micros Vocoloi figure

Guess What!

  • Vocaloi's name is INTENSE!
  • Eva usually plays Ninjitzu with her all the time
  • She was named after a anime character


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