Waffle Jars 'N' Jam

This would be the little sister of Berry.

Meet Waffle Jars N' Jam! She is the little sister of Berry Jars N' Jam.


Sewn on: January 2nd (Berry Day)

Sewn from: A farmers shirt

Personality of Waffle

Waffle LOVES to put blueberries on pancakes, loves to eat pancakes and hash browns, and feeding her friends yummy pancakes.

What Waffle looks like

Hair color: Pink

Hairband color: N/A

What she wears: A white dress with pink plaid on it

Sewn-on pattern on her dress: White with pink plaid

Other things on her dress: N/A

Waffles's Pet

Waffle's pet is a blueberry!

Waffle's Home

Waffle lives with her older sister, Berry.

Waffle's other merchandise

  • Berry and Waffle sister doll pack exclusive at Toys R Us

Guess What!

  • She shares her name with Waffle Choco Dip
  • She shares her birthday with Gloomy Pink Bow
  • Her favorite song is "Do you like Waffles?" by Perry Gripp
  • Her birthday is on Oriana2003love's birthday!!!
  • She often hangs out with her cousin, Eggy


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