She's the new lalaloopsy, Weather Sun Fun! She's the best weatherman in LCDI!

245px-Base 21 - копия


Sewn On: February 2

Sewn From: A weatherman' suit

Personality of Weather

Her mood changes with the weather. When it's sunny, she is happy , when rainy, she is sort of gloomy.

What Weather looks like

Hair Color: Yellow

What she wears:sky blue dress

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress:white clouds

Weather's Pet

She has a pet groundhog

Weather's Home

Her house is a two-story golden weather station. It relies on the thermometer. It has a red tiled roof and a radar. All windows the has barometers. In the yard, a lot of things that can give forecast the weather is scattered.

Guess What!

  • She was sewn on Groundhog Day

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