OOOOOHHH!!! Who just did a non-polkadot background? ME.

I should deserved to let myself think it couldn't be helped-

"Is it gravity you've wanted to resist?"

The truth is I didn't really hate gravity but myself for not being able to defy it.


Wendy was sewn on October 11 with responsibilities and worries.

Personality of Wendy

Wendy is a girl who was always filled with responsibilities as the eldest child of the Avellyn family. When she met a guy (wwww it's Peter Pan actually but..) she became more and more carefree and that's when she realized she hasn't been doing and couldn't do anything by herself (refer to the lines abovvve~)

What Wendy Looks Like

Wendy has malt brown hair (Thanks for Lenneh pointing out that British men don't necessarily have blonde hair.) and golden eyes. The golden eyes were due to a certain fairy <Tinkerbell> "accidentally" dropping a bag of pixie dust on her eyes <hoping to blind her> but it just turned her eyes gold and made her eyes terribly bad. She wears a white polo with long puffy sleeves and a navy blue suspender skirt with white ruffles. The left suspender is loose and slips easily off her shoulders. She also wears dark navy blue stockings, a navy blue ribbon for her hair and blue glasses.

Wendy's Pet

Wendy has a pet nurse dog that takes care of her and her siblings. Her dog is very smart and likes to rearrange and clean their nursery (play) room.

Wendy's Home

Wendy lives in a two-story grey brick building. Their family's pretty rich so...

Other Merchandise

  • Wendy Full Sized
  • Wendy Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle

Guess What?

  • She's both based on Wendy from Peter Pan and the song Anti-Gravities (アンチグラビティーズ) by Sasakure.UK
  • She originally wasn't planned for this line.