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Whistles No Foul



Name: Whistles No Foul

Sewn On: 23rd April (Soccer World Cup)

Sewn From: Soccer Ball

Personality of Whistles

Whistles is an athletic outgoing girl with a great positive attitude she is a team player and a good sportsman. She loves staying active and is working towards getting a team together to enter in a soccer tournament.

What Whistles Looks Like

Skin: fair

Eyes: black buttons

Head: pink hair in two spiky pigtails and a large soccer ball patterned bow thats black white and blue.

Torso: black and white soccer shirt with a big pink number one.

Bottom:pink and white soccer ball patterned skirt made from leathery material. Long white socks with one pink andone blue stripe.

Shoes: pink and white sneakers

Whistles Pet

Whistles found panda in the 2014 soccer world tour after mistaking her for a soccer ball they have been together ever since panda is pink white and black with a bow that matches Whistles.

Whistles Home

Roof: Soccer ball and netting

Walls:Pink painted wood

Other Merchandise

Large Doll comes with pet and poster

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