Polkadots!!! Again!!!

Exams just ended. Ahhhh~ science, history, English ; v ; Korosenaide~~~

Anyways... A ButtonTales! doll that can legitimately pass off as Silver's brother. Well played. So.... It's Cookiez' Weekly Dolls! On time!

Explanation for the name 'cause orz I'll be doing this for most BT! dolls now: Wolfe. Pronounced wolf, not wolfie. Aaaand Ross. In Hungarian, Rossz means false.


It was unknown when Wolfe was sewn. He was just always there, so it was safe to assume that he was sewn before all the other ButtonTales! dolls. He was sewn with.... s-something! H-he was sewn before anyone else knew anyways...

Personality of Wolfe

Wolfe wasn't really that evil antagonist from the start. He always tried making friends but in the end, was cast off alone. He even tried changing himself just to make friends (Fwoop. It's The Wolf and Seven the Seven Young Kids) but obviously that didn't work. He was always, for some reason, feared because of his teal eyes <and his being one of the first dolls sewn>..... Well he gradually became known as what is called a "lone wolf" (Ahaha see what I did there) when he was a kid. And when he grew up, he started travelling and became renowned as a con man (AHEM. The Boy Who Cried Wolf). While he was travelling, he attracted the eyes of three noble, greedy brothers who wanted his unique eyes. He was invited to their brick mansion and was able get out of the mansion but he escaped with only one of his eyes (Be thankful The Three Little Pigs didn't cook and eat Wolfe.). Ahaha. As to now, he's still conning people. Oh antagonists.

What Wolfe Looks Like

Wolfe has grey hair and a teal eye.... As mentioned above, his left eye was stolen so he just covers it up with an eye patch. He wears a black polo with a black low vest, black striped pants and black formal shoes with black socks. YES. DAT BLACK.

Wolfe's Pet

??? He's a traveler/ conman so he doesn't have time to raise a pet but he has a lantern. An iron lantern. That talks. Cause magic. He named it Lumielle.... STAHP LOOKING AT MEEEE~

Wolfe's Home

Hah. A traveler that has a home.

Other Merchandise

  • Wolfe Full Sized
  • Wolfe Mini
  • ButtonTales! Bundle